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What dress does your bag have?


Women are always looking for a new look, where it is often difficult to find that accessory that best represents them and that above all can meet various needs, depending on the different occasions of the day or evening.

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Actually, the bag is not only a storage container, but it keeps the most intimate secrets of women and also thanks to its practicality and necessity it becomes an "indivisible" part of every woman.

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The ingenious idea of Giovanni Francesco Duro, designer and founder of the Arba Square brand, goes beyond the simple concept of bag.

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In fact, from a bag base made of E-Flex, a polymeric foam, very light and long-lasting, with a modern and innovative design, Arba Square offers the extraordinary possibility of "dressing" your bag according to your look, depending on the occasion that we live during the day or during the evening.

The Arba Square brand offers an infinite range of possibilities of colors, patterns and shapes to dress your bag, through a series of interchanges, where even the finishing buttons can be chosen for the most refined customization according to the colors and fabrics chosen.

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The idea, the transformation, the designer absorbed it from a family tradition, where the father, a skilled male tailor from Turin, taught his son the love for craftsmanship, made of quality, research and a craftmanship.

Giovanni wanted to transform his rich knowledge acquired in the family laboratory, offering today a product on the market that is completely innovative, modern, young and certainly unique in its kind.

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Even the brand name comes from a place much loved by the designer, one of the most beautiful squares in Turin, Piazza Arbarello pole of cultural and fashion meetings in the heart of the city.

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Ambra Square exudes the love of a "Made in Turin", responding with an accessory that is the result of a profound search for style, modernity of form and quality.

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So you just have to choose the dress that will have your bag tomorrow and on occasion, quickly transform it into an elegant accessory for the evening.

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