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Chio di Stefania D, pret à couture on the beach

High fashion on the beach? For the moment it is a real challenge not just simply ready to wear but prêt à couture because of glittering details and glamourous and intriguing items, along with delicious printed dresses with multicolored patterns, poncho with long fringes and kaftans perfect to be the Queen of the desert. Many items are handmaded and, above all, they have an enchanting ethno-chic allure.

We're talking about the new spring/summer 2018 beachwear collection by Chio di Stefania D, a beloved brand by many celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Nelly Furtado, just to mention a few.

This brand, sold worldwide, is increasingly successful for introducing in the beachwear many amazing handmaded and precious details typical of prêt à couture in addition to using important fabrics, often finely embroidered with great care and skill.

The models proposed in this collection are designed to satisfy the tastes of all women on the beach that don't want to follow no trend but only feel themselves, beautiful and sophisticated, as well as feminine and seductive.

Chio di Stefani D has managed to create with remarkable insight and love for all women a decidedly exclusive elite niche in this so competitive industry.

Often women at sea must choose whether to be sensual with plunging necklines or elegant, mysterious and blankets as great divas of all time or rigorous in their ladylike look or winking pin up. The choice of beachwear assumes often choosing a brand that has its own design philosophy. For example, it is unlikely that, after having customized its clientele thanks to super sexy items a beachwear brand will decide to realize  also beachwear in the sign of a mature and aware elegance that some young girls would not like at all. Change would be betraying the trust of its customers so it will still communicate an idea of the brand always faithful to itself.

Instead Chio di Stefania D has chosen not only to break these rules targeting a heterogeneous clientele with different tastes and ages, but it also wanted to focus on craftsmanship and tailoring, creating unique models for design and femininity, enlighted by lively colors, precious embroidery and original prints that certainly will launch this brand into the empyrean of the beachwear industry.

A swimsuit reveals much of the character and desires of a woman. If she is shy, sexy, romantic, sophisticated: choosing a swimsuit is a very important choice, never superficial.

Indeed it is perhaps one of the most thoughtful choice because it highlights the body without tricks and cheats. So, a woman for feeling comfortable in her outfit has an absolute need to wear exactly the desired model. If then is almost haute couture so much better! 

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