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Choosing a scarf is like wearing a dream

Essere Style, the luxury Foulard brand, was born from Elvira del Monaco's passion for design. Her art is inspired by her land, Pompei floors and Neapolitan playing cards.

His sketches come to life with digital graphics, reworking them and amalgamating tradition and innovation. The heart leads her to Sardinia and the Sardinian tapestry motifs feed her creativity. In time, the idea of ​​transforming his sketches into scarves takes shape. The silk becomes the canvas that is the background to his designs and the dreamed foulards become reality with the project Being, thanks to the meeting with Sara Pitzoi, expert in corporate image, and Fabio Columbano, entrepreneur in the field of training.

Essere Style aims to give reality to inspirations deriving from Italian marvels and transfer them to handicraft products of refined quality. The unpublished pieces express a strong personality, in which Italianity, tradition, creativity and innovation are combined.

A pop-chic style, Italian ethnic, unique that interprets the scarf in a new way and beyond the fashions of the moment. The scarves are iconic, timeless, a true symbol of elegance but at the same time versatile, easy to wear and match and perfect for those who are always discovering new things and love to wear "dreams".

The pieces of the collection are 17 and each hand-made scarf is a story to tell. Meeting, in silk twill with a hand-made hem, is the combination of the geometrical wall and floor elements that characterize the Domus Pompeiane with those of the typical Sardinian geometric textile style. The background is composed of a geometric decoration, which incorporates the Pompeian mosaics, black on a white background. A star is made up of the geometric elements in Sardinian style, with the bright colors of blue, purple and black. The geometric motifs in optical art style give greater dynamism and make it more contemporary and unique.

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