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Christian Dior haute couture collection s/s 2016, the perfect balance between the ancient and the modern



It's a hymn to elegance, all played on wraparound shapes the silhouette, this new Christian Dior haute couture collection that parades exhibiting particular grafts, that certainly will bear fruit, on the Must of the french fashion house, opportunely revisited and reinterpreted in a contemporary way but without ever losing the identity and the immediate recognition.
Grafts were saying. New and vital sap to a collection that prefers ankle lengths for skirts and slim pants from allure vaguely Seventy, perfect for the wardrobe of a jet setter and sophisticated woman, Superb total white dresses whose neckline unfolds like a white corolla on body preciously embroidered in pastel.
The coats are elegantly minimal in the sign of an idea of luxury that flirts with purity. Delicate prints are alternated with long vertical stripes patchwork games.
The atmosphere admiring this new haute couture collection is a perfect balance between the ancient and the modern, between memories and willingness to tread new ways of style, always bringing, as a wonderful hand luggage, an archive beyond time and space.


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