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Christmas in style

Christmas is magic, love and sharing. What makes us so happy is the atmosphere that, already in the weeks before the party, you start to breathe in the shops and in the streets of the city, but also in the houses. "Adorning our home with cheerful objects and Christmas makes us feel as if Christmas and the joy that brings with it last longer" word of Viviana Grunert, famous home stylist who adds that "sometimes, however, we end up putting too many things around furniture or hanging on the walls, with the result of creating only a great confusion, when it is possible, however, to create the right atmosphere without losing sight of the style, following the small and simple tricks".

Here are some:

1) Something red or Tartan: the main color of the party, can not miss on our tables. Whether it's just a detail, a nice table center, a special tablecloth, or food (perhaps a large fruit bowl of beautiful pomegranates), it will immediately embellish your home.

2) Candles: candles are a must for the whole year, to accompany moments of relaxation, or warm up and perfume the environment. On sale you can find with Christmas scents, cinnamon, orange, the scent of spicy wood ... You can use them to give light to the table or to illuminate the window from which Santa will arrive, making them position to your children.

3) Packages and stars: the most beautiful part of the presents is known, is the package. Creating and taking care of every package is an integral part of the gift itself. The thought is important, but also the way to present it, the essential finishing of the gift. You can choose to customize it or make it ad hoc for everyone. Aim also on stars and stars, simple wood or LED lights, which can be stored and used as Christmas gadgets.

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