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Cividini, natural fibers

For uts creations Cividini uses only natural fibers and three of them in particular. The cachemire, og course, the most valuable natural fiber and the most loved because of its characteristic to make the garments light, soft and at the same time pleasantly warm. It’s so precious since to make a sweater is needed the annual shearing of three to four Hyrcus Tibetan goats.

Baby Alpaca wool, precious hypoallergenic fiber, fine and brilliant, is obtained by spinning the fleece of the littlest Suri alpaca of the Andes, an extremely rare species that can give birth to only one puppy per year.

And, finally, silk, precious natural fiber loved for its qualities of lightness, softness and high gloss. It  is used since 3000 BC to dress Chinese emperors becoming over the centuries a symbol of exclusivity. 

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