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Classic and modern harmoniously combined


Naja Saade has the ability to mix classic style with modern inspiration. His collections, extremely refined and meticulously handmade, seem to be apparently simple, but in reality in every one of his dresses there is a lot of research and a great sartorial work, from the construction to the realization of the precious embroideries that delicately envelop the silhouette of the female body .

Naja Saade 25 10 19 2

During Arab Fashion Week Naja Saade presented his elegant collection, rich in chiffon and silks and many many rich embroideries.

Naja Saade 25 10 19 3

The designer creates his dresses with love, to reflect the image and personality of women and reflect their femininity in all its forms.

Naja Saade 25 10 19 4
Naja Saade 25 10 19 5



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