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Claudie: French name, 100% Italian DNA


A fashion made of shapes: draperies, shaped details, original constructions. At the base the work and passion of Creazioni Sonia, a family reality projected into the future.

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Claudie, a brand behind which there is a story to tell. Claudie was born from the thirty-year legacy of Creazioni Sonia, founded on the outskirts of Florence by Claudio and Sonia and now in the hands of the second generation, the children Helmut, Dayana and Virginia.

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From a small clothing store, the company has become a partner of prestigious Italian and European companies in the production of programmed products. The name Claudie is a tribute to the founder, with the made in Italy as a fixed point: the brand stands out for its innovative spirit, research and use of fine fabrics in fibers such as silk, viscose and wool worked and manufactured in Italy, with a high attention to sustainability.

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The Claudie Fall / Winter collection is colored by the nuances of the earth, focusing on exclusively natural materials and unusual and courageous cuts, which project tailoring into a new dimension. A collection in which the classic fits perfectly with an urban style. The result is a unique and versatile line, the result of a growing and increasingly international company.


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