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Clerici Tessuto, extremely high quality fabric for fashion

Leading group on the Italian and international scene for the manufacture and sale of luxury fabrics for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories and home furnishing, Clerici Tessuto is one of the most important textiles manufacturers in the world for the luxury sector, with ranges for men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and home furnishing.

Founded in 1923 by Rachele Clerici and her husband Alessandro Tessuto as a company for trading in silk fabrics, the company is now in its fourth generation, with the present Alessandro Tessuto as its CEO and his daughter Sara as communication manager.

Through the entrepreneurial ability of Alessandro Tessuto, the current CEO of the company, Clerici Tessuto group has successfully responded to the challenges of the global market, producing every year over 2,500,000 metres of extremely high quality fabric every year for clothing, accessories and home furnishing, all strictly Made in Italy.

Supporting the italian headquarters are the trading companies Clerici Tessuto France Sas, in Paris, and CTC USA Corp., in New York.

Among the collections realized, we wanna talk about some really special like “The Classics collection” (more than 200 solid colour fabrics, like precious Satin Duchesse and Taffeta, they have made up part of the range since the company was founded in 1922); “Collection BROCHIER Paris”(it's the excellence of fabrics in the name of the maximum luxury and refinement. It's a kind of a revival of high italian and french handicraft because these fabrics are producible only with handicraft techniques that in this way resume life); “Collection Clerici Tessuto – Roberto Fantoccoli” (for the luxury and prêt-à-porter markets. Experimetal for design and the use of new yarns, in the name of an absolute and innovative quality); “Collection Industry (GUEST)” (it's dedicated to large-scale retail); “Underwear and Beachwear” (lycra, silk and polyester fabrics for the most important producers of intimate and beachwear items) and above all, two magnificent collection: “Chinè” ( t's one of the last factories in the world able to weave traditional chinè fabrics that are special fabrics created based on hand printed warps and then hand woven on special looms. The result is a “canovaccio”, which means a warp, woven with a “fake” weft and looks like a mesh. The product is then hand printed and then put back onto the loom, where, once the fake weft has been eliminated, it is woven to achieve an indefinite printed effect) and the “Cut voided velvet, amazing silk velvet realized theough renovated historic looms (in the world today remain few machines like that). These looms “a bacchetta” allow the both the cutting and voiding of the silk velvet.

Last but not least the Men’s and Women’s Accessories and Home Furnishing  

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