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CO, a winning collaboration between fashion and cinema


CO is a luxury brand made from essential and modern lines.
Founded in 2011 in Los Angeles by the collaboration between Stephanie Danan, film producer and Justin Kern, screenwriter.

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The name CO is born from their creative collaboration, which embraces the worlds of fashion and cinema.
Each of their collections is presented by a short film that uses a narrative approach to create a more personal and emotional connection to fashion.

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The cuts are essential without giving up a timeless style.

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Silk, jersey and cashmere are used in their collections that offer their lines a modern and versatile style for every occasion.

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Distributed all over the world, CO today boasts an unparalleled success that rewards the character and philosophy of the founders who in each collection guarantee the quality of the materials used and they are also able to present modern and elegant collections that satisfy the needs of them customers.

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Photographed by Zoë Ghertner 

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