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Companies and Greenpieces for eco-sustainable fashion

The Italian Detox Consortium and Greepeace once again together to sensitize the fashion industry for a future free from toxic substances. The occasion was the press conference during Milan Fashion Week.

The collaboration between these two organizations was born in 2016 with the adhesion of a group of 20 textile companies led by Confindustria Toscana Nord to the Detox campaign launched by Greenpeace for the elimination, by 2020, of toxic substances from the production cycle textile.

From this experience was born the CID - Italian Consortium Implementation Detox, the first worldwide organization to join the project, which today announces the Detox commitment of other important Italian manufacturing companies: Candiani Denim, Toscofilati, Tessilfibre and LTA. With these inputs, the CID today has 34 manufacturing companies spread throughout the country. The goal is to work together according to a model of sustainable and innovative textile production, nationally and internationally, through the promotion of knowledge tools and technological innovation.

It is essential to adapt the fashion industry system to ensure protection of man and the environment.

In fact, companies that join the CID receive competent and practical support to orient their production system towards eco-sustainability and the objectives of the Detox protocol. The Consortium avails itself of a technical scientific committee that counts on the independent and non-burdensome presence of Greenpeace, which finds in the Consortium an additional ally to achieve the ambitious goal of a "toxic-free" textile industry by 2020.

And with the very recent report "Destination Zero: Seven Years of Detoxing the Clothing Industry", Greenpeace reviews the progress made by companies committed to the elimination of hazardous chemicals from their production chains by 2020.

Today there are eighty companies committed to a fashion free of toxic substances, including high fashion, sportswear and numerous textile companies, which represent fifteen percent of the world's clothing production in terms of turnover. Of these sixty are Italian, confirming the great commitment of companies in the Italian textile-clothing sector. There are both brands and many smaller textile companies, most coming from the textile district of Prato and belonging to the CID Consortium.

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