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Journey to Spring-Summer 2022 with Borsalino


The legendary origins of Borsalino begins with an important and iconic travel moment. A journey undertaken by the founder Giuseppe Borsalino, who, at a young age, left Italy aboard a ship bound for France. He did not know Paris, nor did he speak French. What he did have was an overwhelming energy, youthful drive and most importantly, an incredible imagination that made it an experiential founding moment. Inspired by the spirit of this transcendental journey and under the artistic direction of Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci, Borsalino Spring-Summer 2022 for Men and Women features an offering that dares to mystically escape from reality through a visionary Grand Tour covering three destinations: Sicily, Japan and South America. Each stage of the journey holds captivating surprises, because travelling the world always allows self-discovery through others. 

From a self-monologue, the Grand Tour of the Borsalino Spring-Summer 2022 becomes a conversational dialogue, exchange of ideas, creation of global symbols and ultimately propels into the space of the delightfully unexpected. The pure Borsalino design shapes magically encounter travel memoirs, souvenirs and mystical recollections. Sicily, South America, and Japan merge into a multicolored universe that naturally converses between the past and present, art, essentiality, charm and craftsmanship.

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The first leg of the journey propels to Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean and cultural melting pot. Here Borsalino classics reveal a new aspect that gives life to inspiring suggestions. Stellar must-haves feature: the Toledo in braided straw decorated with marabou feathers; the Cloche in crocheted, floral patterned Raffia; the Panama Quito and Panama Crochet sporting hand- embroidered lettering B-o-r-s-a-l-i-n-o around the dome; and a large selection of rollables, ideal travel pieces for globetrotters. 

And now the collection lands in Japan with its intrinsic dualism of traditional roots and constant eye towards the future. The Borsalino savoir faire, a cornerstone of the Maison’s identity, pays homage to the obi and origami, two traditional Japanese symbols, rendering them protagonists in some of the most iconic and contemporary summer proposals. The selection of bucket hats decorated with pendants and pins and a selection of denim manga graphic models effortlessly mix timeless cultural codes and a hypermodern Japan punk aesthetic.

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The final destination of the Grand Tour is South America, where raw materials and summer symbols of the Maison, straw, hemp and raffia, are born. Fueled by a desire for freedom, Borsalino archive pieces overlap local styles of Peruvian bows and Andean multicolor fabrics, rendering a fusion of different cultures and aesthetics to create an array of universal emblems and looks.

The Borsalino Grand Tour journeys through multi-cultural inspirations to promote the idea that wearing a hat should be a manifesto for individual expression, capable of bringing out the best in each of us and honoring of self-love. Borsalino Spring-Summer 2022 emphasizes the personality of the wearer and celebrates global allure, culture and variety.

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Under the artistic direction of Creative Curator, Giacomo Santucci, Borsalino is building a new idea of  beauty  that  brings  the  brand’s  iconic  elegance,  style  and  160-year  plus  history  into  the future.  Translating the Maison’s DNA into contemporary aesthetics, Giacomo Santucci aims to reestablish Borsalino hats to their supreme values as cultural symbols, communication codes, signs of belonging and a synthesis of style.

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Sotto la direzione artistica del Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci, Borsalino sta costruendo una nuova idea di bellezza che porterà nel futuro un’icona di eleganza e stile con più di 160 anni di storia. Traducendo il Dna Borsalino in canoni estetici contemporanei, Giacomo Santucci mira a restituire ai cappelli della Casa di Alessandria il loro supremo valore di simbolo culturale, codice comunicativo, segno di appartenenza e sintesi di stile.

© Borsalino

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