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Contemporary jewelry with cosmopolitan design

.bijouets is a brand of contemporary jewelry and accessories with an exclusive design, modern and cosmopolitan, made in Italy with 3D printing technology, an additive process that transforms a digital file directly into a solid object.

The brand combines the modernity and innovation of technology with extraordinary craft skills: all .bijouets jewelry and accessories, made of laser sintered polyamide, are in fact hand-finished and colored, becoming so real unique pieces.

.bijouets uses a light technology, which has a light and sustainable impact. The ideas are turned into products through a process almost immaterial, invisible, developed and perfected over time which is the synthesis of culture, passion and skills acquired over the years, thus reducing waste and emissions and respecting the environment.

The innovative design, the result of the creativity of designers and artists of international renown, and the originality and uniqueness of the shapes, make .bijouets a ready-to-wear brand that has revolutionized the world of jewelry and fashion accessories.

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