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All the business started in 1895 in Naples, and since then it's always remained as familiar conduction. The Portolanos are at the fourth generation of Glove Makers.The trademarked production is highly placed and distinguished by styles in league with renown designers and highly acclaimed fashion houses and pret-a-porter.It follows a complete cycle: from tanning and dressing of leather, to dyeing, up to the final work phases of the gloves. The craftmanship quality joins well with materials and design creativity.

The history of Mario Portolano Brand dates back to 1895, with Fortunato, Mario’s grandfather who established the leather glove factory. Alberto, his firstborn son, developed the glove factory and founded his tanning and dyeing leather factory. His son Mario soon followed in his foot steps, with earnest and fervour. For over a century, the Mario Portolano firm manufactures gloves of extremely refined quality, handing down - generation after generation - that same commitment, experience, taste, elegance and skilful dexterity found in ancient tradition, fixing its roots in the Neapolitan craftsman culture. Each glove is the result of a long chain of transformations fixed to the same work phases, each one accomplished by expert master artisans. Every step is carried out by hand or with the use of special machines requiring care, attention to detail, experience, craftsman skill and dedication. This is truly a unique form of art worthy of being preserved, and not irreparably lost to posterity. 

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