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Creativity is life, lightness and grace for Simone Mencherini Gioielli

Simone Mencherini is a goldsmith who looks at the world through the eyes of the creative among bullets and embroidery, gleams bright and ideas for creations Made in Italy, absolutely handmaded, in the sign of the highest craftsmanship.

His jewelry have a timeless elegance and are meant for special women, creatures who draw strength from the colours of nature and its forms like the Oriental origami, elegant aspects highlighted by precious materials, stones, flashes of color.

Simone Mencherini lives in Tuscany, famous for fine art and jewelry. Here, where the concept of beauty defies the limits of time and space, has created the Spring collection, the Line collection, Calla, Strawberry tree, Doves...

His collections of jewelry are composed by delicate masterpieces, enchanted plots reflecting an inner world exciting where creativity is life, lightness and grace.

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