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#cubist? .... no this is the Moschino's art!


It is completely overwhelmed by the fascinating game of the MOSCHINO fashion house. Pure energy created by "spiteful subtle balances" that life offers us ... and only those who enjoy the virtue of living the spirit with determination, have the ability to grasp its meaning ...

Moschino 20 9 19 2

Pablo Picasso is certainly the Cubist soul of the RTW SS2020 collection which fully embodies the inspiration of the collection.
Cubist guitars or exaggerated blouses burst onto the catwalk in a totally pop theme.

Moschino 20 9 19 6

It is yes ... "pop art" bursts with its energy, sometimes intrusive, sometimes sudden, but always in style, which only the Moschino fashion house has the capacity to express.

Moschino 20 9 19 3

Bright colors and geometric shapes are modeled on the body, like a seemingly casual mischievous game, but wearing these sensational garments, only a woman knows the most intimate secrets, thanks to her mischievous "art of seduction".

Moschino 20 9 19 4

Art is pure energy of the human soul, as the only nourishment and the ability to translate it into excellent pieces is given only to those who have the capacity to express it: Maison MOSCHINO has once again hit the mark, indelibly marking a piece of history of the REAL Couture Made in Italy.

Ph: © @marco_ovando

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