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Customize your lingerie thanks to Chité slow couture

Chité, an Italian lingerie brand, founded by Chiara Marconi and Federica Tiranti, has launched an online platform to allow its customers to customize the lingerie they desire for their tastes and needs.

Wide choice then not only of models, always cutting edge, sensual and captivating, but above all of fine fabrics and many shades of colors both trendy, winking to the latest season, that classic and timeless for those who know well that white, black , nude and pink powder will never go out of fashion.

This Italian brand adopts the principles of "slow couture", producing in Italy in 5 workshops with delivery time averaging over a week and, only when the model is considered perfect craftsmanship, it will be delivered in the trepidating hands of customers who know to be able to wear something unique and almost couture because it is made expressly based on their dreams and desires.

Lingerie one of a kind then! Naturally conceived for one of a kind women, who are absolutely unique and extraordinary.

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