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Daniel Loves Objects, mannequins and designer soldiers

Lighting in indoor spaces and, above all in the home, has become more and more important over the last few years.

Whether it is a lamp, an applique, an abat jour, a chandelier or any other form of interior lighting, it must be inserted perfectly in the context of a project that follows an inspiring fil rouge. Lighting, now tended to be a design element, has therefore become a fundamental part of furnishing. Just look at the new table lamps that are real works of art such as the original, ironic and super glamor designed by Daniel Loves Objects, a Singapore brand behind which hides a creative team known around the world for its creativity.

Creation of this company cult lamps are composed of a series of golden mannequins, completely articulated and then placed in many different and funny positions. Their strength lies in combining a pop aesthetic with the pure divertissement of not only possessing an extraordinary design work, but also of playing with it and modifying it as one likes.

Still on the subject of this home design company, how not to mention the platoons of delicious armed soldiers who seem to be carrying on their shoulders all the weight of a fortress that is actually a bookcase with avant-garde design. In hundreds and hundreds, all gilded and armed with machine guns, they hold it securely and make it definitely a piece of design with a strong and appealing appeal.


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