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Dark Room Games by Lillian Bassman

Lillian Bassman is considered one of the most important fashion photographers of the twentieth century. His career began as an assistant to Alexy Brodovitch, artistic director of the prestigious American magazine Harper's Bazaar. And then the decision, after contacts with two exceptional masters like Richard Avedon and Hoyningen-Heune that reveal the secrets of the dark room, to embark on his personal artistic journey that took her very far, giving us shots that still affect why in total break with the current aesthetic and absolutely cutting edge still today, indeed, like good wine, the more time passes, the more his poetry becomes clear as well as his intent to give a soul to the models of the most glossy magazines, a soul decidedly breaking with those who were the stereotypes of the time.

So his happy collaboration with the brilliant couturier John Galliano will remain in history and his sophisticated but rebellious women will continue to seduce forever in his sensual and mysterious fashion shots, modified with skill in the camera obscura playing with exposure, nuances, the shots and the grain.

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