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David Dixon, a cutting edge and refined style

David Dixon is one of the most known and admired Canadian designers in the world. His new 2018/19 collection, exclusively presented during the recent Toronto Fashion Week, has conquered everybody and confirms his great talent as a designer full of class and sophistication. His clothes are so emotional, original, and full of creativity, and more than anything, they are also able to vigorously convey a message.

In this sense, his fashion is media, a tool through which you can express your mood, a feeling and more like the real side of yourself.

The real triumph are colours, and especially his special cuts that are so precise, and those romantic silhouettes and glamour for a woman who loves to wear outfits that are so seductive for their inner beauty.

In perfect balance between ideal, real, in fit, hyperbolic, and dreamy details; the admirable creations by David Dixon are above every other trend of our days, they actually set the trend and suggest new interesting moods.

Supported by a refined tailoring technique, this designer is the symbol of fashion that is a perfect mix between very exquisite and ladylike, attractive and charming, the ideal way to conquer all women.

by Sonia Giovinazzo

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