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David Grillo between past and future

Founded in 2016 with the launch of its first spring / summer 2017 collection, the distinguishing feature of the David Grillo brand is the study of poetic beauty and melancholy of the past happily remixed with contemporary elements and fantastic visions. Eclectic inspirations form a romantic figure who likes to dream and make sure that the beauty of a garment lasts forever, crossing the oceans of time. A beautiful mission, but the real beauty, you know, is timeless and this is the great stylistic bet of this young fashion designer.

Pre-Raphaelite nymphs, ladies of the '400, Hellenistic mythological creatures, legendary Persian deities, delicate women of ancient times full of a deep love for art and aesthetics in fashion, with oriental and western influences. Handmade craftsmanship is the key to the brand, just as it is in art; with unique and delicate cpi created for women who want to dream through a dress and not just wear it. The fabrics are enriched with decorations made exclusively by hand. Finally, the refined embroideries embellish the ethereal and sophisticated silhouettes so as to evoke past eras and predict future ones, creating a magical and infinite bridge that the muses of David Grillo can cross with great grace, charm and style.


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