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Dedicated to iconic Marianne Faithfull

Harmony: a composition of contrasts in balance between different voices. Together, as in a symphony, an abstract floral and the graphics of the houndstooth resound together. Luisa Beccaria for the FW 2018/19 creates a tribute to the iconic style of Marianne Faithfull, to the dreamlike world of Carroll, to the aesthetics of Boldini. The woman Luisa Beccaria lets herself be seduced by masculine fabrics with a dandy spirit, making them hyperfeminine. Play with different weights: from the worked and embroidered wool to the organza, the silk twill, the velvet, the lurex, the brocade. A casual, natural elegance, which for the day translates into a complete trousers with jacket bordered in suede and gilet. Or in a midi dress with an almost liquid print, an abstract floral sound. Or, again, in macramé lace with butterflies of almost geometrical suggestion mounted on cracks. The round patterns of the polka dots, recalled from the pearl buttons of the blouses, interact with shetland wools with the squarer lines of maxi skirts. The soft felt hat completes every outfit. The cloaks, cashmere sweatshirts and maxi cardigans are a counterpoint to the lightness of the crystals and sequins over cascading over skirts, dresses and blouses. Fusciacche and high belts mark the life point of fluctuating and sensual silhouettes, which alternate with the more decisive ones of a classic suit. And, on the notes of the evening, the most Couture fabrics make their entrance. A velvet dotted chemisier with silver, teal and blue lurex brushstrokes. Tulle with fil coupé embroidery for a dress that imagines winter flowers. Long impalpable organs become three-dimensional with embroidery and applications. A game of textures, flowers and volumes, a cape dress, at the same time light and structured. The color palette takes the form of a search for the thousand nuances of non-color and neutral tones: greige, beige, gray. It deepens in shades of blue, octane, peacock. It lights up in reds and fades into pinks and powder. Among the accessories boots accented in suede, brocade and velvet, clutch bag in fabric, foulard, embroidery brooch.


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