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Denim paintings by Ian Berry

At first glance what the English artist Ian Berry realizes could seem hyper-realistic photographs or paintings. The reality, however, is very different and it is the one that he manages to invent and manipulate using so many tiny pieces of jeans in different shades.

Born  at Huddersfield in 1984, a career in art direction left to devote himself to his talent that made him famous throughout the world while the art galleries contend and flake even the first requests for tailor-made portraits.

Nobody in the world knows how to use denim at such high artistic levels as he does and here is how the rock'n'roll and basic fabric par excellence is ennobled and becomes part of a decidedly unique and original artistic process.

The artist develops his work by selecting individual pieces of denim and certifies that each of them is "son" of a single wash. Afterwards, all the other parts are superimposed to produce a three-dimensional collage effect. The pieces of jeans, assembled together, are grouped in a consolidated image, resembling from a distance a painting.

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