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"Dessiner le vide" Rami Kadi FW 2021 Collection


We fell asleep in a world, riveting with life, hope and dreams but woke up in bleeding one, void of certainty, joy, and peace of mind. On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion wrecked Beirut city, emptying it from the last breath of life it had been holding on to against the backdrop of a life-changing, devastating pandemic and a heavily strained local economy. Nonetheless, the hollowness brought in by these events inspired the Lebanese-American designer, Rami Kadi, to depict a new world out of this void and paint it with a promising prospect.

RK 14 10 20 2
Ph: Patrick Sawaya

Embracing a minimalist approach, Kadi introduces a collection that is galvanized by optimism, creation, and sustainability.
“Creativity does not shy away from the unknown, and beauty can never cave in even when the going gets tough. On the contrary, beauty pulls the beast of void by its horns and tames it to its liking. It redefines emptiness and illustrates it in a memorable fashion.”

RK 14 10 20 3
Ph:Tarek Moukaddem

"Dessiner le vide" renders a revolutionary approach to matter, turning emptiness into a breathing element that bustles with life. In this dazzling collection, comprised of 20 dresses including two bridal gowns, Kadi adopts a minimalistic approach to draw the void. He aesthetically fulfills his mission without compromising his phenomenal imprint and noticeable signature. 

RK 14 10 20 4
Ph:Tarek Moukaddem

Through sensible irregularity, simplicity in motion, and purified lines, the designs run freely across a pathway that leads to promising prospects. 

RK 14 10 20 5
Ph:Tarek Moukaddem

The simplified graphics and softened geometry delicately amalgamate together. Their engagement is evident in the use of tulle pointillé with velvet dots, teardrop Swarovski crystal stones, glass beads and sequins, metallic watery sequins, iridescent scroll knitted sequins, and laser-cut sequins sheets, giving the collection a sense of profundity and optimism. 

RK 14 10 20 6
Ph:Tarek Moukaddem

Layering is also used expansively to amplify the numerous possibilities. The color selection, which varies between deep sea coral, wistful mauve and dusky orchid, burgundy, peach blush and prairie sunset, ice flow, as well as fairest jade and whisper green clearly mark a new season in motion, while the use of laser-cut ostrich feathers and tiers of peacock feathers adds a sense of romance to the collection.

RK 14 10 20 7
Ph: Patrick Sawaya

This aesthetic collection enables Kadi to send out a strong message of hope through which he translates the Lebanese will to transcend obstacles and overcome pain.

© Rami Kadi

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