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Didier Parakian, an exotic Made in Italy under water

The French Maison, known internationally for its unique style and the quality of its products, it's been launched in 1989 in South of France by the eclectic Didier Parakian. It is a luxury pret a porter brand and tells you a personal and familiar story of passions,choices and cultural influences. At the exotic taste of culture from Armenia the country he comes from you can add the chromatic attitude which resembles the atmosphere, the warmth, the images,the sounds and fragrances typical of the Mediterranean towns,which along with the elegance of the French style they are from the very beginning the source of this collection inspirations. The result of this suggestive combinations can be wisely elaborated from the main italian manufacturers, following the traditional rules of the Made in Italy.

The last Add campaign of the Maison it's out of breath. The models seem to dance on the water like classical ballerinas and without floating they are showing on their faces the pleasure of being the Muse which are playing the main role in such a light.



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