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Dior, Haute Couture Paris SS2020


Dior maison has presented an Haute Couture collection for the SS2020 season that represents women as a primordial goddess, characterized by her strength and beauty, in a timeless contemporary.

Dior 31 1 20 2
Dior 31 1 20 4

Dresses with drapes and golden fringes seem to be the golden frame of a hyperfeminine silhouette, where fabrics and plissè become the essential ornament of the body, with all their softness and elegance.

Dior 31 1 20 5
Dior 31 1 20 6

The tones of the garments are not only metallic, but also have a decisive and elegant whiteness. The shades range from intense plum to forest green, from white to silver and gold.

Dior 31 1 20 7
Dior 31 1 20 8

The dress is adorned with a chaplet, sometimes with a veil as if to mark the idyllic femininity, of all the beauty and fragility of women.

Dior 31 1 20 9
Dior 31 1 20 10

The accessories are gold leaves magnetized by the forest on the body, as if to adore a goddess and delicately resting on the wrists and ears, they complete the dress in its most complete elegance and beauty.

Dior 31 1 20 11



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