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Dior Hydra Life: The Manifesto

In a changing world, a new generation is imposing its values and its desire to live a life that's  healthier, more conscious and more ecological. With the new Dior Hydra Life moisturizing range, the House is inventing the beauty of tomorrow: concentrated natural, pared-down and ultra-performing formulas, in eco-friendly packaging.  

With celadon blue sorbet crème, jelly, ball or clay masks, foaming or powder cleaners, Dior Hydra Life offers extra-sensory formulas free from the superfluous, for naturally beautiful skin. Veritable manifestoes in their own right, these new-generation skincare products are born of a radically new approach at Dior, founded on a simple principle: it’s in nature that the active ingredients essential to the beauty of the skin are to be found. Dior Hydra Life offers formulas based on ingredients of natural origin, at their correct concentration. Respecting both the epidermis and the environment, their eco-friendly packaging has been designed to remove any unnecessary elements (such as the leaflet, corrugated card and cellophane), with a reduced glass weight and inks predominantly of natural origin. The Dior Hydra Life range is also based on a discovery made by the Dior science teams: the skin flora, present on the fourth layer of the skin, is essential to its natural beauty. For the first time, the skin is considered as a living organ in its entirety. 

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