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Dreamed adventures

The ottod’Ame Spring Summer 2017 collection is made of special moments, little things, great happiness and shining eyes full of joy.

Dreamed adventures, fulfilled wishes, firm and winding steps, memories of long and lazy days, which were –and still are- prelude to those sparkling nights you cannot forget.

This Spring Summer has the power to surprise, it is fascinating like a wildflower that unconsciously knows which is the right moment to blossom giving its magic away.

A season that cannot be tamed, as wild as the jungle with its thick branches, but as sinuous and elegant as walking leopards.

ottod’Ame’s journey goes on: ironic and romantic, passionate rebellion blowing in the wind with the charming pleasure of lightweight, vulnerable gracefulness. Like cactus flowers’ petals -so precious and faint- but at the same time much determined to show off to everybody and to light up moon-like deserts with colors.

Strong and delicate, audacious and quiet, simply unique.

Like ottod’Ame is. 

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