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Dreaming in the woods

With her collection for Autumn/Winter 2018/19 called “Dreaming in the woods”, Cettina Bucca revisits the concept of symbiosis between man and nature, showing the visionary nature and innate harmony in their relationship. Representing life and continued renewal, the tree is a constant symbol of aspiration as it grows towards the sky. It is a silent companion, a humble unobtrusive protagonist, discretely present in our lives, providing us with oxygen, a sense of peace and freedom. It is a source of positive vibrations and pure energy. It tells tales of our ancestors, our origins, of time passing and carrying us along. It roots us in our past, and as they grow skywards, its many branches seemingly interweave, representing the multitude of possibilities and pathways for our aspirations and the closely woven threads of precious textiles. For all these reasons, the Tree is life, a spiritual presence reminding us that we are body and soul. Nature needs light, and by wearing its colours we can truly belong to the world we inhabit, the place where we put down our roots, and also the sky above, which is re ected in us all.


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