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Dreamlike and elusive women by Guy Bourdin

Disappeared in 1991 in Paris and celebrated by a series of important retrospectives, the never-forgotten French photographer Guy Bourdin has left an indelible mark on the history of fashion photography, to the point of being considered one of the great contemporary fathers along with other sacred monsters.

Bold, provocative and innovative, he was a visionary artist with a fervent imagination, working through metaphors, exploring contradictory realities and exalting their most sublime and irrational qualities.

His vision was strongly influenced by Man Ray, Edward Weston and the Surrealist painters René Magritte and Balthus. In addition to photography, he loved to paint and in any case, whether it was on canvas or photographic paper, he was interested not only in making a moment eternal, but above all his message, often unconscious and emotional.

The women he portrayed are often dreamlike and elusive, unreal and yet so real in their ability to be iconic messengers of timeless, deep and cryptic aesthetics and in their surreal fragments of an unspeakable dream, made vivid and real by Guy Bourdin, without filters or censorship.


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