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DROme, strong details and essential shapes

The designer Marianna Rosati is the creative soul of DROme, a refined Florentine clothing brand whose philosophy revolves around the age-old tradition of leather goods that in Tuscany has always lived an eternal spring of style and style.

DROme has an urban and cosmopolitan soul and offers fashion collections with an underground appeal, decidedly fresh and contemporary. Breaking and niche, completely Made in Florence, reinterprets the great classics in the light of an effervescent and irrepressible creativity that is the true stylistic value of this brand so appreciated abroad for the care and beauty of its creations where everything is extremely valuable and curated down to the smallest detail.

Elegance, accuracy and an eye always careful to capture the latest trends to reread them and transfigure them with a totally original style, DROme dots everything on an eclectic design that enhances cuts and silhouettes of every garment, even in fabric and knitwear, for an urban look chic that pleases and convinces.

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