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E X E N C E: The Essence of the nature

"The ESSENCE of the nature "….is the life motive of a new and unexpected, declination of spirit of Epoque by Egon Furstenberg. More precisely the philosophy of nature, the first essence is the EARTH…. with its main components such as metals, together with stones and crystals; this is the protagonist of the new line of furniture.

In fact, innovative products in line with the philosophy of the claws were made with precious materials such as marble, steel, brass, resins and crystals. Here then is the tables of marble and precious stones, structures of sofas composed of steel inserts worked with laser and chromates, furniture made original from the use of  resin, material that has allowed us to experiment with new decoration techniques applicable to any type of surface.

The passion for nature and for its noble essences and prized, originate the research of materials that characterize each product of this collection. Hides in the typical colors of the earth: sand, ecru, gray and taupe, noble materials with unique traditions and ancient that speak of history and succeed in becoming contemporary. This materials, have become an integral part in the coating of sofas.

Another essence of nature taken into consideration is the WATER…. Through it, we inevitably arrives at the idea of energy, the oxygen which fills the surrounding space and the blue as the dominant color. Here the blue  ended on fabrics such as silks and velvets and printed.

Another essence considered is the AIR ... a mixture of gaseous substances that constitute the atmosphere, that depending on the seasons can assume different colors until reaching the maximum with the rainbow. Many colors will find them in the tissues and velvets used to coat the various models, as the violet, yellow, green, etc.

The Home Collection is characterized by a style totally modern with sofas and furnishings with clean lines and extremely sober and refined. To complete and enrich this framework, La Maison has given its touch of class also for the lighting to do shine space, render warm and bright environment giving sensations of light-dark.

Here then creations in metals such as steel, brass and iron forged by the fire, worked and chiseled by hand by master Italian craftsmen. The collection includes lamps from the bedside table, tabletop, abat-jour, appliques and chandeliers, creations, these, intended to remain masterpieces without time. The final result will have an impact overall glamour, of great class, characterizing and original.


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