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Ebarrito, thinking eco-friendly

In a world where everything goes fast, so fast that you do not even have time to think. Ebarrito thinks in an eclectic and visionary way. This original brand, in fact, was born just as a result of a "vision" had by three friends between the walls and the green of an ancient farmhouse in Castelleone. Here, in this idyllic space, ideas have slowly taken shape and the ideal has become real, without losing the wings of imagination just because to sell and be competitive in the market you need to have your feet firmly on the ground. No, Ebarrito flies high with a decidedly dreamy creativity in which the concept of eco-sustainability firmly insinuates itself between silhouettes, shapes and design.

Perhaps because the entire design project was born in a small village, where the three designers have always felt so free from the overwhelming rhythms of a large metropolis and therefore free from its mechanisms and its diktats of trends and trends, Ebarrito thinks in a Smart way: because it is not disposable. But use what was thrown to create something unique. That lasts over time.

Ebarrito thinks eco-friendly, because reusing waste materials recycles and preserves the environment.

Beautifully crafted and sublimely Made in Italy, it assembles different pieces with mastery, style and design with an Italian taste, yet absolutely cutting edge, versatile and contemporary, in perfect harmony between tradition and experimentation.

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