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Ecodown Fibers for eco-sustainable fashion

After a search lasting many years, the brand of thermal padding for clothing the Milanese company Thermore presented an innovative free fiber, "Ecodown Fibers", designed to represent a real alternative to feather. Despite the efforts made by the clothing industry, unfortunately, 80% of winter clothing is still stuffed with goose feathers because there is no valid synthetic alternative of high quality.

But now with Ecodown Fibers finally music is changed.

This free fiber does not shrink after washing thanks to the multiple-shaped structure, preserving a uniform warmth throughout the garment.

Obtained 100% by recycling PET plastic bottles, it is animal free. It does not provide microfibers, which are the cause of water pollution and the potential contamination of food.

Thermore today is one of the world leaders in the research, production and marketing of thermal insulation for clothing, with operations in Europe, USA and Asia, production facilities in Thailand and offices in Hong Kong. A real pride for the new Made in Italy that advances at a giant pace towards new textile and stylistic solutions that respect the environment.

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