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EDHÈN Milan Spring Summer 2018

Shoes that are born from the desire to assert a style that, while mindful of the classics, reinstates a contemporary vision of men’s footwear

A composition and interpretation of features that go beyond the usual tradition of craftsmanship – Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora are both young and perfectly at ease in the digital world, where they are prominent figures, yet in their creative process they hark back to a style and language that recalls the most noble art of footwear manufacture, with quality, style and comfort as fundamental cornerstones.

In this, their fourth collection, presented in the exceptional surroundings of the Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, rarely open to the public, they turn to architecture as the point of departure and arrival, with the work of Aldo Rossi as a primary source of inspiration.

The reference to the archetype dear to Aldo Rossi is transformed through the artful use of shapes (triangles, squares and circles) and basic volumes (the cube, cylinder and pyramid) that are then combined to create a new vocabulary. The reference to the great architect Aldo Rossi can be seen in the use of chiaroscuro, primary colours and in colour contrasts.

The EDHÈN Milano PE 18 collection applies these essential elements in the form of leather inlays and carvings that adorn the vamps of the shoes with a new graphic language. The shapes are simple and the primary colours (blue, red and yellow) are then paired with neutral colours like white, black and brown. The colour palette gives greater three-dimensionality to the inlay work on the shoes in order to further highlight the expert craftsmanship.

The exhibition display was designed by Filippo Fiora who, besides being one of the two designers for Edhèn, is also an architect.


The world of EDHÈN Milano is inspired by the traditional Belgian loafer, re-examined and reinterpreted from a more modern perspective. Brera is themodel most admired by the public, characterized by a buckled double monk strap applied to the vamp and edged in silk grosgrain trim matching the leather. It is enriched with new elements such as studs, inlays and carvings, as well as fresh, original colour contrasts and the new version in completely unlined suede.

Kensington is another iconic model from the brand, with trim in silk grosgrain or in leather, embellished with a small front bow or an elegant grosgrain silk bow, perfect for evening wear (mod. Operà).

The Kensington has also been completely revisited by using contrasting colours, inlays and laser-cut finishes.

Majorelle, in contrast, presents a lateral top line defined using trim in grosgrain, as well as a buckled double monk strap or a tuxedo bow for evening wear.

The Hamptons loafer is a stylization of the classic Kensington. The elements are reduced to their essentials, the edges are raw cut so as to highlight the quality of the leather. The model is then made immediately recognizable due to the laser-cut finish that continues all around the edge details of the shoe.

The mules (Antibes) are presented in a buckled double monk version in satin with contrasting trim and in natural raffia with a tuxedo bow.


Our products are made entirely in Italy using the finest leathers and fabrics including: brushed, washed, polished, abraded and tumbled calfskin; nappa leather; suede; silk satin and silk grosgrain.








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