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Elegance “Pied dans l’eau”

montecarlo fasion week


At Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

Royal Beachwear

Elegance “Pied dans l’eau” 


Royal Beachwear is the new brand of men’s swimwear for Summer 2017. The founders of the brand, two young designers will launch the collection at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week and will sale them at Les Galleries Lafayettes in Cannes during the same month.

The shapes verge into four fantasies, reserved to the most exclusive beaches: white and blue lines for the Santorini model, tribute to its candied homes that reflect in the deepest ocean blue; Blazoned coats for Elba Island with a pattern of real lilies on a dark green base; Mediterranean blue for Capri, with its delicate floral pattern; Lighted bordeaux for Monte-Carlo dedicated to sleek luxury of the principality.

Basically the concept explain the constant research of quality studied in the smallest details. Personalized finishes, button pockets and embroidered logo are just some of the distinctive features. The whole collection is designed and produced exclusively in Italy. Materials, soft and drying touches  just recall the elegance of the nautical that combines with practicality and style.



Maria Christina Rigano

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