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Eleventy Men’s Collection SS20



To study the world surrounding us, with all its tensions and problems, and to translate it into a personal and ‘manly’ style in search for balance. Eleventy Men’s SS20 Collection is built on this search for harmony, resulting in a wardrobe that is based on all the contrasts of modern life: evolution and tradition, dream and reality, past and present. The starting point of the collection is the concern for an increasingly polluted planet with the global challenges that all nations are facing and in which, nevertheless, we must live, because, despite all human errors and horrors, progress, as defined by comfort, always wins. Therefore, for each piece of garment we asked ourselves crucial questions such as ‘What is the environmental impact of this garment?’ ‘How can I limit, or better still, eliminate this impact?’


“Then we asked ourselves if there is an essential clothing item we cannot do without, for which there is no alternative and that allows us to be versatile in our everyday lives. And we found only one answer to our question - denim. We carried out a comprehensive research on the history and evolution of this garment born in the Victorian age and, to this day, still synonym with strength, youth and modernity.

Not finding any valid alternatives to denim, we applied the principle of “buy less, buy better”. Therefore, each one of our jeans is made to emphasize its uniqueness, designed down to the last detail to convey the emotion of a legendary garment. We avoided all chemical washes and dyes even in our black denims of which we are one of the few manufacturers in Italy where very strict anti-pollution regulations are applied and industrial dyers forbid the use of harmful colouring agents, in favour of more costly, yet safer, manufacturing and water-treatment systems in order to limit their impact on the environment. Streetwear and athleisure are, without doubt, the newest and most interesting trends in men’s fashion. We enriched them with the highest level of sartorial craftsmanship, where style and detail are emphasized, elegance and comfort combine. Our streetwear offers the same unrivalled comfort of sports apparel without however sacrificing the priceless elegance of a tailormade jacket. Our athleisure ensures the same skilful balance between aesthetics and ethics without the widely used synthetic fabrics. In our hunt for sustainable solutions, we found a harmony between progress and nature in each item. We believe in clothing as a ‘habitat’, something that should be protected and preserved. Because there is always a plan B, but there will never be a planet B.  

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The aesthetics and ethics of jeans, the purity and integrity of denim. This part of the SS20 collection is not just a capsule collection but an entire line of products developed in full compliance with the brand’s values. The starting point is a garment born in the 19th century that has been seen in many forms and in many cultures around the world since the time of Queen Victoria up to modern days.

Right-Hand Denim: a 14-oz fabricwith slight reddish tints in the weave giving it a 1970s look.

Right-Hand Black Carbon Denim: the classic black jeans so dear to rockers and 20th century youth-movements. The base black colour is discharged and then overdyed to achieve an authentic vintage look exalted by the threads in different shade of grey and the slightly faded lines, the ‘whiskers’, up on the front.

Right-Hand Crosshatch Denim:  a 13-oz green cast recycled fabrichistorically used in the early 1960’s giving a special chambray optical effect.

Right-Hand Selvedge: It’s like a time machine that takes us back to the glorious 1950s, the real golden age of denim. The peach colouring of the typical chain stitches is clearly seen on the waist, creating a typical vintage look with a modern flare.

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The jacket is the most important piece of the collection. The expert hands of tailors who spend an average of 8 to 10 hours to finish each single piece skilfully craft it. The jacket is soft inside, the shoulders are natural with no padding, stitches are handmade and strong, and the choice of exclusive fabrics make Eleventy jackets a must-have for any occasion and age. We begin by combining precious T-shirts in linen or hemp to provide a perfect balance between the sartorial world and the relaxed causal wear.




An entire section of the collection is dedicated to the emotional travel to far away countries and exotic landscapes characterised by tents with all comforts immersed in the savannah. The colours of nature inspire the choice of chromatic nuances. All Eleventy garments are made in natural materials and yet designed to be impeccable in both formal occasions as well as in the leisure time, that we dedicated more often to exercising.




The modern gentleman’s wardrobe is not complete without camo patterns: flat caps, backpacks, cargo pants and a special field jacket.




Hats, in paper-fabric instead of old straw, cotton or rain system wool, bags, backpacks, and accessories. For sunglasses we rely on the age-long know-how of Mazzucchelli, an ancient Venetian craftsman of hand-made glasses. The metallic frames are in antiallergic Kromtech metal, while the Murano glasses have triacetate lenses, which reproduce the same tints of the glass blown in island of Murano. All lenses are certified anti-glare CR 33.

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