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Elie Saab presents: "Beirut, the sacred source"


In a time where humanity is forced to slow its rhythm, ELIE SAAB calls on the renewing energies of the elements to bring into being an enchanted world that endlessly blossoms and forever blooms.

ELIE SAAB 24 9 20 2

This year has given the world a new perspective on time and a new understanding of resilience. 

ELIE SAAB 24 9 20 3

When the noises of our busy lives were silenced, only one sound emerged, from within the deep void: The sound of the Sacred Source. We return to the fundamentals of creation, our sacred way of artistic expression, our core and essential craft. 

ELIE SAAB 24 9 20 4

Haute Couture dresses delicately conceived and crafted to express the brand’s DNA. 

ELIE SAAB 24 9 20 6

While going back to the roots, Elie Saab paying homage to artistry and digging deep into the abundant beauty of nature. 

ELIE SAAB 24 9 20 5

A return to the source in its purest form, an assiduous attention to the energy that surrounds us and has the power to build worlds.

ELIE SAAB 24 9 20 7

© Elie Saab



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