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Elmira Medins woman is motivated by three things: time, balance, love


For the Elmira Medins Woman, time and the experiences of her life define her sense of living.

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They enrich her interior life. She loves abondance and energy of her sparkling life. She sees the time passing as a succession of the simple joys and moments of the present. All together, they form the whole of her life. The Elmira Medins woman is an epicurean.

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She wants to take things in their time, be able to find perspective and take a break amidst daily stress, allowing herself an intimate moment to attend to herself. This urbanite mixes both an "elegant kind of cool" and "chic, relaxed romanticism".

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With a "fluidity of gesture", made possible through the select cuts and fabrics of her clothes, she is able to translate herself, according to the nature of her moments, according to her humor, whether gentle, or feline, or other.
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With Elmira Medins, in all circumstances, an error in taste is simply not possible.

© Elmira Medins
Press Office: LYOR AMAR

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