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Emirates and Made in Italy


Numbers to the hand is confirmed always stronger and full of interesting developments for the future the authentic passion that the Emirati women are showing towards all that is Made in Italy of quality.

Consider, rightly, among the most fascinating and cultured women in the world, lovers of luxury understood as exclusivity, they find in Italian craftsmanship that uniqueness that only a great tradition, in perfect combination with savoir-faire and innovation, can guarantee through many forms expression, primarily with design and fashion. For them, Beauty and Made in Italy are almost synonymous and this emotional drive pushes them more and more to favor in their purchases Italian products of excellence, absolutely top of the range. In this sense the Emirates, and Dubai in particular, are like a funnel through which many try to pass, but only a few and very select brands are able to impose themselves in this competitive market on which even our most aggressive international competitors have set their sights on, from Europe to the States.

But do not worry. Abroad to hear the acronym "Made in Italy" is still a magic word, almost an acacadabra able to open many doors of fortresses considered impregnable.

The competition in Dubai, in fact, is very hard, but Italy has nothing to fear if it continues, as it is already doing with great success to offer products that combine the essence of typically Italian taste with the style and needs of a world which is only ideally far from us, because true Beauty is a universal and objective concept.

For Italian entrepreneurs who have enthusiastically launched themselves into this great contemporary challenge that will decide the fate of many brands and the possible future set-ups of many companies, the Emirates are today the most exclusive and sought after clients because thanks to their culture they can appreciate and understand deep the uniqueness and originality of Italian craftsmanship, with its impeccable and incomparable design.

These demanding women clearly influence the market. As a result, exports of quality Made in Italy are consequently growing. The future is here, where human ingenuity, in the heart of the desert, has been able to build incredible reality from nothing, allowing itself the freedom to experiment and realize incredible urban and architectural solutions and we are only at the beginning.

Dubai, which will become the global hub for luxury shopping, is a priority of Italian companies, not only for the big brands but especially for the little companies of clothing, footwear and leather goods.

Before going on route to Dubai, however, some advice to introduce you to the best of your customers Emirati women: the presence on the internet is essential, because customers are informed on social media and are very careful that what is proposed to them is authentic Made in Italy , ie designed and made in Italy with Italian materials. Everything must match the high quality standards and craftsmanship recognized around the world by those who love fashion and luxury. Finally, focus on the news, offering always new products to be presented in Dubai before in other markets. Here, in fact, they pay much attention only to high quality products: the Emirati women adore exclusivity, limited editions, clothing or accessories that can not be found elsewhere because they have been created exclusively for them. They love to feel special and love the Made in Italy because it is able to make them feel beautiful, unique and important.

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