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Emy Petrini, a kind of magic

Nature and perfection are two synonyms synonyms. From the most infinitesimal grain of sand to the most majestic ocean wave; every atom is the precious casket of an absolute, atavistic and eternal Beauty.

Among dazzling colors, unusual shapes, surprising marvels and eccentric uniqueness, a more sincere heart like that of designer Emy Petrini will be able to explain to you that Nature is not just an image. It is not only what we see, but above all how much we perceive and we hold in us as the vital form of a particular type of oxygen that really keeps us alive.

If true art is not the one that merely reproduces what is already visible, but makes visible what is not, in this almost subliminal magic how evocative consists the art of Emy Petrini, able to assemble natural elements to obtain sculptures and architectures with a fairytale and poetic allure.

Each of his creations is an invitation to look through the looking glass and let go in the den of the White Rabbit to discover a wonderland as surprising as it is unexpected. Because true beauty is where you least expect it and people underestimate the power of diversity and dissonance. All looking for obvious melodies ... Emy Petrini instead plays with talent and mastery precisely on the contrasts of materials and textures creating authentic works of art that are visually extraordinary and powerful but, above all, possess their own voice, as if they could tell a story. And, in fact, all you have to do is look at them in order to imagine yourself in some woods or on the way in a place that seems strange to us at the beginning, with the noise of our stumbling strides, which, moreover, as we advance, more and more intrepid and curious , let's find out how deep it belongs to us...



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