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Endelea, Dream Bold


In Swahili, "endelea" means to go on, to continue in spite of the difficulties, without giving up. Endelea is an ethical fashion project born in 2018, a collection of African Wax clothes and accessories created in Milan by young designers, handmade in Dar es Salaam by a group of passionate tailors and sold to the public through an e-commerce.

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The aim of the project is ethical: Endelea's goal is to contribute to the development of a real fashion industry in Tanzania, which to date is almost completely absent in the country and which could instead generate jobs and new economies.

Endelea therefore chooses to invest in training, collaborating with local universities, organizing free workshops and providing practical resources to young talents so that professional skills can be created over time that can bring about a real change in the territory.

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The Endelea collections combine the deliberately minimal and essential Italian design with the bright colors of African Wax cotton fabrics, which are declined on clothes, skirts, palazzo pants and jackets, but also on bags, backpacks, hair bands and home accessories .

A colorful and decidedly bold set, designed for a determined and positive woman, who believes in her dreams and wants to stand out from the crowd. Dedicated to an aware public who wants to know where the clothes she wears come from, Endelea is a hymn to happiness and independence.

Born from the union between the craftsmanship of Tanzania and the digital world, the project is told on Instagram, while the collection can be purchased from all over Europe on the website.

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