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Essential is invisible to the eye

The true value of Haute Couture is not visible by eye. The most precious creations will never contain all the time and effort of the work of atelier from which came to life.

We recognize, as laymen, only the commercial value and we remain amazed, if not astonished, when we become aware of its market price.

But it must be recognized that there is a world of difference between price and value concepts because it's impossible estimating that dream gown, a unique dress designed by the greatest craftsmen, tailors and seamstresses following the brilliant fantasy of a couturier kidnapped by a sublime inspiration. A work of art, in fact, is priceless but it has an inestimable value for anyone who wants it, crave it, loves it and understands it deep inside.

Think about paintings of famous painters at auction sold at stratospheric prices: who isn't a connoisseur can't understand why so many collectors struggle in the hall to obtain a so much desired opera that for many people has only an inexplicably outsized price, while for those who will finally own it exclusively has a value so immense that he doesn't know how explains that by words.

Because a dream is priceless, it has a value. As well as an emotion, a wish. And we give to something this value because we can see with our own eyes what is invisible to others. It's what this new issue of UFASHON promises to do: gift to all of you new eyes for admiring the wonders that haute couture, high jewellery, design and craftsmanship are able to donate to the world making it a better place. Let's begin then, page after page, our new journey, going in the enchanted garden of absolute beauty.

Don't broke the maic thinking about price, but always to value. So many things in life will never be ours, but that's not means that they have not been important and haven't marked us forever. In your heart and in your soul. They had a sense and an inestimable value. All of us know that too well.

Quoting Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

But what is the Essential? It is precisely that invisible value that makes unique and special every creation, whether it be, a dress, a yacht, a complement, a new experimental tissue. “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important” explains the writer and this is true.

Let's think about companies where every new idea is a huge entrepreneurial bet or the atelier where hands of gold, model makers, premiere, embroiderers and  seamstresses work in unison, even for hundreds of hours, only to create even a single haute couture dress. This wonderful orchestra in which everyone works together to compose each time a perfect symphony of lights and colors cannot have a price, but only a value. The value of the essential and, abive all, of necessary of all of these people, artists, entrepreneurs and designers with their extraordinary works.

The mystery of life, maybe, it's all in this research of the value of the essential. We hope that our research, that in this new issue took us from one side to the other of the world, discovering for you real wonders, reveal the immense value of the uniqueness of creating as the highest form of human genius.

Since ever this is our unique eternity.


Photographer : Isshogai
Stylist : Christelle Santabarbara
Model :Aline Zanela @ Women Managment
Make Up Artist : Eden Tonda
Hair Artist : Ludovic Dupuis
Manicure: Sylvie Vacca Puzin
Assistant : Guillaume & Loic
Stylist Assistant: Camille
Backstage Video : Mustafa Ozgud
Special Thanks To: Mairie Quatre Paris




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