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EstroDiverso® by Valentina Bonafè

She began at the age of 20 years to 'breathe' the air of the artisan laboratories first in the textile furnishings of the Venetian palaces, later specializing in the activity of the nautical tapestry that takes place in Venice, on the Giudecca island. A profession, that of the upholsterer, full of creativity where the artisanal technique is used and the knowledge of the most varied materials and materials.

But passion and resourcefulness have led her to realize a project of her own bringing her to create the EstroDiverso bags.

She loves to watch, savor and take a cue from the culture of his city full of charm and history. And the idea of ​​using special materials that have never been used to create bags in every sense of her brand 'Estrodiverso'.

So a nautical net with leather details becomes a refined and comfortable bag at the same time. The wool fringes that decorate the gondola cushions are transformed into a fun and pretty bag. The leather scraps used for the interior lining of the boats are revived in bags with irregular cuts and almost always present on his creations.

A touch of color is given by the recycled banner sheets that are transformed into eco-bags of various shapes and patterns.

Valentina Bonafè designs and creates these bags, but beyond the materials are her passion and love for this craft work to rebate unique and exclusive.

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