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Ethics, sustainability and territoriality with Slow + Fashion + Design Community

May 2018 will be remembered as the month of the launch of Slow + Fashion + Design Community, an association inspired by the slow philosophy that supports Italian artisans and businesses in various sectors, including fashion and design, and promotes contacts among members to launch exciting projects and collaborations. But what does "slow philosophy" mean concretely?

It is a way of producing a quality product by taking the right time to make it happen. No frantic rhythms Charlie Chaplin style in "Modern Times" and just globalization, wild industrialization, fast fashion ... Keep calm and do your best! In the fashion industry, things are finally changing and we are starting to see significant changes in both supply and demand, an unequivocal sign that the market is finally ready to play, thanks to the commitment of small and artisanal businesses, a game from the rules finally more ethical. Few words and a lot of concreteness: Slow + Fashion + Design Community (in all 6 founding partners, absolutely brilliant, creative and visionary, authentic patrons of our time!) Aims to promote in many different fields, and not only in fashion, all those values ​​linked to the slow philosophy that in Italy is clearly synonymous with the philosophy of luxury, that is of all the great quality craftsmanship that expresses its best in those perfect details that require time and precision, but also savoir faire and love for the tradition.


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