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Ewelina Kowal Cracow Fashion Awards At Cracow Fashion Week

Ewelina Kowal is a fashion designer graduated at the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, owner of the fashion company KOVALOWE. Ewelina Kowal is one finalist of the Cracow Fashion Awards. She presented on catwalk the collection called “New Romantic” singled out by the Fashion Council chaired by Anna Jatczak.

The “New Romantic” collection is Ewelina Kowal own interpretation of the woman’s silhouette in the 80’s, including the music trend new romantic. It is a contemporary view of the past years. On Cracow Fashion Week catwalk she presented a collection showing wide shoulders that optically magnifie the silhouette with firmly narrowed waist emphasizing women femininity that represent a nod to the style of the 80’s. The designer gives to the collection “New Romantic” a modern character by applying innovative techniques of pleating with an overprint. In some creations pleating is placed as a detail aimed to enrich the silhouette. The collection is supplemented by handmade leather, wide belts and designer’s original headwear.

Ewelina Kowal used fabrics of natural composition as cashmere, silk, and wool thereby adding nobleness to the collection. The deliberate colour scheme in shades of white, black and beige aims to give an elegant and proud character to the collection.

The “New Romantic” collection was personally designed and sewn by Ewelina Kowal. She wanted to present for the Cracow Fashion Awards her sewing artistry and her personal view on fashion. She selected the specific target presenting the 80’s fashion adding a modern perspective since she is captivated by fashion history.


Photographer: Naomi Muras


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