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"Exclusive sparkling"


Christmas parties and the arrival of the new year are a wonderful opportunity to be with your family or the people we love and there is no better time to share our time with them, toasting with fine wines and exclusive champagne.
The sparkling tickle the palate and make you a bit euphoric and each of us has a specific taste for champagne or a particular preference, but there are companies that produce truly "exclusive" champagne.

The most famous champagne and certainly the most expensive in the world is the Champagne Goût de Diamants, from the Chapuy vineyard in Oger, France, a famous historical area for the cultivation of fine vineyards. This nectar has become one of the best in the world, thanks to its exceptional quality and the great varieties produced: Brut Diamond, Vintage Diamond, Blanc de Blancs Diamond, Rose Exquisite.

Champagne 12 12 19 3Oger Vineyard
Oger Vineyard

Champagne Goût de Diamants has an exclusive bottle designed by Alexander Amosu, luxury designer.
Its casing has a solid 18-karat white gold plaque reminiscent of the Superman S, where a 19 carat diamond is placed in the center, the label is made of solid gold, worked and engraved by hand with the customer's name .

Champagne 12 12 19 2


The cost of this exclusive bottle of champagne? 1.4 million euros.

If, on the other hand, you have more modest claims (...just to speak ...) the Moët & Chandon produced in limited series the magnums made for Prince Charles's wedding with Princess Diana. Cost to the public € 3,300.00.

Champagne 12 12 19 4 carlo

The Krug Clos d’Ambonnay instead could be another excellent alternative: the champagne is made with Blanc de Noirs grapes, the Clos d’Ambonnay is made from Pinot Noir and costs about 2 thousand euros for each bottle.

Champagne 12 12 19 6b

Boërl & Kroff Brut Rose on the other hand is a production that comes from the Drappier champagne house, obtained from the vinification of the best bunches of one hectare of the vineyard of the winery, so as to obtain a champagne of excellent quality.
The Brut Rose of the house is made from Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir and has an average selling price of € 1,650.00.

Champagne 12 12 19 5

Still long would be the list of excellent champagnes with valuable qualities, even if the real exclusivity for the upcoming festivities is to spend our time to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year with the people we love, toasting them with sparkling luxury champagne or sparkling water does not matter, the most important thing is to be witnesses of our time and of the people we love to surround ourselves with.

Champagne 12 12 19 6

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