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Expo Dubai 2020, the most colossal millenium work

The Universal Expo to be held in Dubai in 2020 promises to go down in history not only for all that wonderful, unique and innovative we will admire, but above all because it will be a gigantic, gigantic work, something incredible that the world never before now he knew how to imagine, let alone realize. Something never seen and built with investments so important as to make your head spin. Before Dubai, on the subject of Universal Expositions, we can only mention Paris that, with all the grandeur engraved in its DNA, in 1889 in Campo di Marte, near the Seine, gave life to the most grandiose Exposition up to then never conceived by mind human and forever remembered for the Eiffel Tower, positioned at the entrance to the exhibition area and, built for the occasion, it ended up becoming today the symbol of the French capital all over the world.

But now we are in the Third Millennium and what man can achieve, having, of course, available the right capitals, but also a certain amount of visionary rashness, it is really incredible so the wait goes up to finally admire this great work .

The Expo will move a mountain of money never seen before, which will finance the largest infrastructure projects and real estate projects not only in the city of Dubai, but probably in the entire world.

The estimated costs of the infrastructure works amount to about 5 billion dollars and if the chosen location, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, still seems mostly a flat area in the desert, the work proceeds quickly and soon the Expo Dubai 2010 will become real .

One of the first contracts awarded, one won by Cimolai, a façade and suspension company (realized the new Rome Fiumicino Terminal and the Hudson Yards complex in New York). The Venetian group will build the coverage of the ExpoDubai square. They say that the emirs fell in love with Piazza Italia at Expo Milano 2015 and wanted to have something similar for their universal exposure.

But not just Expo. Dubai wants to build a whole set of megastructures like never before seen in the world. Some examples? To celebrate the most anticipated event in Dubai will always raise the Creek Harbor Tower, a skyscraper designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, destined to touch at 1,300 meters height, crumbling the record of the local Burj Khalifa.

It is estimated that all the works connected to the event touch the 30 billion dollars: there are, first of all, all the urban works and the connections to take visitors from the city to the place. At the top of the list, the subway built by the Italians of the Rizzani de Eccher, then the new Al Maktoum International airport in Dubai that will land and take off 120 million passengers a year. Finally, a new city will rise right next to the airport, in Dubai South, 145 square kilometers to accommodate 1 million people and decongest the center of Dubai.

All this will result in a flywheel of investments that represent an important opportunity for Italian companies, including SMEs. And meanwhile the world is waiting with breathless breath ..






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