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Extraordinary Love on Valentine’s Day, by Piaget


A traditional symbol of BEAUTY, LOVE and ROMANCE, the rose shows your Extraordinary Love like no other flower. 

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Its connection to Valentine’s Day harkens back to the 19th century when the Victorians used flowers as a way of showing their affection for one other. This was at a time when flirtations and openly expressing feelings were not considered proper behaviour
in high society, BUT A ROSE COULD SAY IT ALL.

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THE PIAGET ROSE is an award-winning flower named after Yves Piaget. Appreciated for its large bloom of 80 layers of petals, its glorious shades of pink, and fragrant hints of citrus, this UNIQUE flower has been captured forever in the Piaget Rose Jewellery Collection. 

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The eternal Piaget Rose Collection will show your Valentine that Extraordinary Love can last FOREVER.
The PIAGET ROSE COLLECTION, like all of the Maison’s creations, are brought to life thanks to a myriad of RARE CRAFTS and skills that have been preserved, enriched, and perpetuated from generation to generation by the artisans of the Maison. 

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From crafting precious metals, to setting EXQUISITE GEMSTONES, and assembling the most intricate movements, Piaget’s artisans transmit their Extraordinary LOVE for their crafts into each work of art, filling each creation with PASSION from the very start.


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