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Fanga, artisans of only twenty years of age

Character and tradition. Vision and craftsmanship. Through its distinctive approach, Bruno Riffeser Monti and Lorenzo Fusina, just twenty, founders and designers of this wonderful brand Made in Italy, put a modern spin on the deeply rooted artisan culture, giving birth to an extraordinary selection of high quality Italian handmade shoes. The ancient art of shoemaking finds new life thanks to a new concept of style, through the creation of innovative designs. This is made possible by an accurate product research, a careful concept study and a fresh unique designs

Fanga found the perfect balance between style and comfort, thanks to the constant quest for excellence in every single detail.

The desire to excite and get excited in front of a unique and precious product.

The quest for preserving the nearly lost Italian artisan culture. The interest in creating a product of extraordinary quality: the authentic Made in Italy. The aspiration to build a connection with each and every client; seeing shoes not just as a mere product, but as a shared experience. Fanga is the result of the encounter between two young entrepreneur and their ideals. Strong ambitions that translated into a distinctive and coherent style: Fanga's signature style.

The word “Fanga” derives from Bologna’s popular culture: it comes from the local dialect and means “shoe”.

“Ogni bigonza ha la sua fanga”, recites an old local saying; “Every trouser has its shoe”. Fanga footwear is the expression of a deep connection to the territory: an added value that distinguishes each handmade product.

It's the voices, the faces, the knowledge, the stories, the places and the virtuous models surrounding Fanga. It's the love for a cultural heritage worth preserving and celebrating. Fanga shoes are produced entirely in Italy: they’re the product of fine artisan work, respectful of the traditional practice, process, and rhythm. Every shoe is handmade, using the Goodyear technique, a method that grants comfort and resistance to a truly exclusive product. The design study, the accurate shape choice, the model development, the attentive selection of colors and materials, the finishing touches, are all essential stages in the production of every shoe. A creative process resulting in a perfect and complete product, thanks to the best handcrafting techniques. The finished products are charming and unique: the result of a long attentive research, and of a short and controlled production chain. These are all necessary conditions, in order to offer a product of the highest possible quality.

The handcrafted process, without the use of any machinery, brings the individual back to the center of the productive process, making every shoe unique and giving it an added value. From shape carving to model design; from leather cutting to stitching; from shaping the sole to the finishing touches: every Fanga shoe is the result of attentive eyes, and comes to life thanks to slow meticulous handcrafting. Product of the highest quality, to which our master artisans dedicate weeks of their time, their capable touch and rare sensibility, in order to create masterpieces of beauty and preciousness. Fanga translates the uniqueness of every client in a refined product of excellent character. Fanga add a personalized metal detail to every shoe, in order to further enrich the uniqueness of each product. An exclusive detail to which the customer can contribute, choosing its shape, material, coding and symbol.

To Fanga, excellence in every detail is the leitmotif of customer relantionship: from the packaging choice, all the way to the accessories and the purchase experience


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